Addiction Counseling

In our society today, we live with many stressors, including unemployment at an all-time high. Many are losing their homes, retirement, and investments, as well as baby-boomers caring for their elderly parents. Divorce is evident and single parent families are struggling more than ever. It’s no wonder that our whole society is addicted and many are church goers.

As a minster and counselor, I see men who are addicted to pornography, young people addicted to texting, videos, and eating. Our teens are going through an assault on self-esteem much worst than known peer pressure. A great number of people have addictions involving alcohol and drugs.

America is a drug-using society, alcohol and substance abuse is one of the major social problems of our times. Drug abuse is not just a drug problem; it’s a people problem because we live in an age that has lost its spiritual compass. Drugs and alcohol are being used as a coping mechanism to deal with all the pain and suffering of living and to fill the empty place in human hearts that only God can fill.

No one starts out to be an addict, but when the pain is great enough, there is help. Pain causes change! Romans 5:8 explains that God specializes in dealing with hopeless people and their problems. Through His mercy and grace, your life can be transformed.

Christian Addiction Counseling

Please call for help, as I can  walk with you through your healing and the beginning of a new life of hope!