Marriage Counseling

Christian marriage counseling is faith-based counseling focused on God’s Biblical teachings.

From Adam and Eve in Genesis to the marriage of Christ and the church in Revelation, the Bible’s dominant theme is faithfulness in marriage. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus and Paul taught us the way to demonstrate marriage faithfulness here on earth, which prepares us for the eternal marriage to Christ.

God knew that a legal contract between a man and a woman would not sustain the pain, pitfalls and pressure between two imperfect people living together in an imperfect world. Therefore, God created the supernatural merging and binding of hearts through a Marriage Covenant.

The power of this covenant gloriously reveals the very image of God to all the heavens and earth. Understanding this, we can see why satan expends so much effort and time to destroy the family.

Christian Couples Counseling

Grace Counseling provides a Marriage Covenant Workshop that teaches the perfect design for a Christian Marriage.