Parenting Counseling

Finding it difficult to navigate the modern challenges of Parenting? Don’t know how to get your children to listen and act accordingly? 

Life and peer pressure can be quite difficult for children and teens. Conflicts, violence, materialism, substance abuse, child abuse, divorce, internet, Facebook, video games and pornography, are just a few of the stresses impacting our children and teens today.

Through Christian faith-based counseling, we have a unique opportunity to influence the lives of children and teens whose problems leave them hurting, angry, confused, lonely and discouraged.

It is our goal to minister to the developmental, emotional, and spiritual needs of our children and teens and to help you as a parent to understand and assist in overcoming these challenges.

Christian Parenting Counseling

Whether you are a team or a single parent household, I can help you navigate the confusing role of being a parent in a modern world.