Temperament Therapy

I am certified in Temperament Therapy. In Christian Counseling, we teach how God created each of us in three parts: mind, will, and emotions, or soul. Everything we do in life is in these three areas. We can have a different temperament or personality or a combination of temperaments in each of these areas. Bringing a balance into these three temperaments lay the foundation to balance the body, soul, and spirit.

With our testing, our profile reports provide the means to understand the temperament needs and show how to meet them. We provide our clients with a life where they not only know where the internal stress is coming from but how to relieve it. It helps us determines how we react to people, places and things. It pinpoints our perception of ourselves and the people around us. It is a determining factor in how well we handle the stresses and pressures of life.

Through faith-based counseling, we provide testing and assessment that will teach you why you do the things you do. Temperament Therapy is a biblical approach to behavioral change that is a very new and exciting therapeutic discipline. With the thousands of different temperament combinations, the bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, God created each of us to be different and unique. I urge all my clients to take the temperament testing so they may learn how to be the best person God created them to be.

Temperament Therapy is 98% effective and saves months of counseling time. It helps identify our counselee’s problems faster and more accurately.

I am the only person in the Tri-State that currently offers this therapy!

Christian Temperament Therapy

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